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They say necessity is the mother of invention and the saying was borne-out when Longford mother Ann-Marie Durkin was motivated to develop and launch the world’s first pre-sterilised, ready-to-go soother.

There was so much work involved with a new baby, “I just thought a ready sterilised soother would make my life less stressful,” she said.

Aware that many medical products such as needles and syringes come pre-sterilised, Ann Marie carried out a research and feasibility study on manufacturing a pre-sterilised soother and found it was possible.

Ann-Marie received support from the Longford County Enterprise Board and registered a company and brand name “Shasta” which is a variety of wild Daisy.

Our brief was to create a brand identity that had a clinical, clean and contemporary look yet conversely a warm ‘mother/parent’ feel.  It was important that as the pre-sterilised soother was a unique product in terms of concept and presentation that it communicated that uniqueness to the market.

Our brief was to:

Create a brand mark for Shasta, communicating the daisy concept. In addition, invest in it the following subliminal values:
Parental/maternal care
Cleanliness and sterility
Medical sound, instilling a confidence in parents
Create a differentiating point  between it and competing products
Translate the brands uniqueness into the packaging concept.

In terms of brand look and feel, it was clear that Shasta could occupy a unique position in this space. The resulting design is a combination of a pale blue and yellow full-flowered daisy which rests above the blue logotype - a handwritten script, adding to the brand’s uniqueness. Supporting the primary brand mark we used the aptly named font “Pretty Baby” as the typeface for all second level titles - headings, product names, the first of which is “Steri-Soother”.  All backgrounds are either white, pink or pale blue.

Our application of the brand and the look and feel created across the initial packaging, website and catalogue speak a different language than that of competitors. The Shasta brand is clearly about parents, babies and babycare. This is also apparent in the development of the Tagline ‘Unique Products for Parents and Babies’.

As part of the initial brand roll-out, we designed the following:

Shasta Steri-Soother Packaging
Shasta Brochure
Shasta Website
Point of Sale Material
Display Box
Later additions have included:

Shasta Steri-Safe Packaging
Shasta “The Baby Album” Mail order catalogue
Shasta Steri-Orb Packaging