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As designers, creatives and lovers of all things brand, we’d be the first to admit that we’re somewhat fumbling in the dark without the strategic direction and the insights that our brand discovery workshops provide. In the normal course of our day, to our clients and to those we’re hoping will be clients, we talk strategy ad nauseam. It’s important.


A clear strategy allows us to create memorable brands based on a deeper understanding of all that makes that brand want to be. With it we build identity and messaging structures that integrate seamlessly to offer the audience a unique proposition. However, to get to the heart of strategy, we need to talk, talk a lot about your brand and there’s no better opportunity than spending a little time in a brand discovery workshop, getting under its skin, developing ideas and shifting opinions to discover its true essence.


While the world now works remotely, workshops also move to the virtual and there’s just as much insight to be discovered in it. People are meeting successfully on Teams and Zoom and are getting used to remote collaborations. To recreate the workshop environment we use a different virtual workshopping tool, perfect to get those ideas on the board and as a result we won’t let that little detail get in the way of an enjoyable day and a clear strategy.


Don’t hesitate to talk to us about helping you build your brand, its strategic focus and creative expression. We have everything you need…virtually.

In the meantime we’re here to help with your creative requirements so don’t hesitate to get in touch any time for a chat.