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American Holidays were looking to refresh their brand and asked us to help them evolve it for the next generation of New World tourists.

A changing world with internet and call centre tour operators have diluted the customer booking experience but American Holidays have the physical stores, the staff expertise and the in-depth knowledge to redress the balance and take back ownership of the experience.


Through a series of workshops, stakeholder interviews and customer focus groups we discovered that an American Holiday is quite a different adventure to each one of us.

To some a beach, to others a city. It might be a roadtrip, theme park thrills, family fun or a train trip through the Rockies. We found is that it’s something very special indeed to each.

American Holidays people are real experts and are passionate about delivering the very best experience for their customers, whatever their interest. Ultimately the tagline – Possibilities Unlimited – became the totem that we rallied the brand around.

We uncovered America in depth with their front line travel specialists.

Each one of them see the big picture from coast to coast and everything between, beyond the main city and the beach holiday and are driven to open endless possibilities for a holiday experience across all 52 states, Canada and Mexico, designed in fine detail and bespoke to each customer.

To emphasise this we created the ‘Unforgettable Experiences, Tailor Made for you’ mark, which is used extensively in brand communications and instore.


We crafted a new typographic brand marque – a contemporary treatment with just the right amount of ‘star’, so to speak.

Understanding the extensive use of the brand – advertising each week across all media platforms – online, print and outdoor, we wanted to ensure that the identity had the scope to travel across all media with a fresh look. We created a broad colour palette, using a range of fonts and graphic elements designed to keep the brand alive and create excitement for each new interaction.

Let′s build a great brand together.