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Capturing a Wild Atlantic Spirit

Stafford Wholesale, a family-run business, hold a long-standing history in the bond storage and brokerage of spirits since 1892. They share a deep connection with the O’Driscoll clan of West Cork, tracing back to the 1600s.

Paying homage to their renowned pirate and smuggler ancestors from Baltimore, they approached us to collaborate on designing the brand and packaging for their debut entry into the global retail whiskey market with a smooth Irish whiskey matured exclusively in bourbon cask barrels.



The Journey

The O’Driscoll brand has global ambitions, initially targeting markets in the USA, South Africa and India, so the brand needed to authentically reflect its distinctive Irish heritage.

There was an abundance of history for us to explore – the family’s relationship to the distinct Baltimore coast, nautical narratives and historical pirate characters conjured up a multitude of concepts and visual references.


Crafting one for the road

Drawing inspiration from 16th-century artefacts – neck ruffles, subtle hints of gold coins, intertwined nautical knots infused with Celtic spirit and classic woodcut illustration, we curated an extensive kit of design elements including an elegant O’Driscoll monogram. Each component was thoughtfully designed to support the brand and serve as a unique indivudual marketing assets, complemented by a carefully chosen colour palette that evokes the spirit of the era.

The outer box packaging, boasting a bold and striking single-color design, creates a commanding presence that captures attention and stands out from the crowd.

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