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Growing from an express road freight company to a large, fully integrated supply chain solutions provider was the catalyst towards a new brand outlook for Primeline. Principle were asked to help them to conduct a brand review and create a new identity.


The challenge was that whereas Primeline are a high level logistics solutions provider with sophisticated systems, the brand identity was not representative of that prestige offering and was a solution created in their earlier years as a freight forwarding company.

We were asked to ensure that they were communicating to all three of diverse customer segments – those that required a freight forwarding service, those that required an integrated logistics service and those that required a full supply chain solution.


As an end-to-end solution provider, Primeline offer a wide range of services beyond transportation. They manage, move and market throughout the whole supply chain and everything in between if their customer has the need. Through the brand identity we wanted to capture the integration of all these services.

Of course, there are boxes and pallets to start with but there is movement and systems supporting that rolling stock. The identity pattern is designed to allow the audience its own impression – interpreting boxes, direction flows and integrated systems. The ‘Forward Thinking’ tagline reaches out to their future ambitions while offering a tip of the hat to their base Express service.

The brand was rolled out across immediately across all assets – five depots and an inventory of over 400 units livery.

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