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Deposit Return Schemes.

In line with more than 40 other countries in Europe and beyond, Ireland, through its 2022 Circular Economy Act, committed to create a national Deposit Return Scheme – a closed loop recycling system that would capture a higher quality and quantity of beverage containers – plastic bottles and aluminium/steel cans for reuse. This ambitious scheme, to be launched nationally in February 2024, involves the participation of the Irish consumer, all retailers and producers or importers of beverages. Principle are thrilled to be involved in this significant brand project.




Transforming Tomorrow. Reusing Today.

To establish the new brand internally and drive it forward, we focused on defining its core foundations. Working closely with the team, we aligned around a clear brand purpose, mission, vision, and values. We created personas for a number of consumer demographics and commercial stakeholders, as each group would have a unique perspective.

There were some initial thoughts offered on brand names and taglines which we tested on consumer focus groups, gauging opinion on these as well as attitudes towards the scheme overall. This insight proved invaluable when we later workshopped and created the brand positioning -“Transforming tomorrow. Reusing today”.

Bring it back. Pay it forward.

The brand name “Re-turn”, tested with universal appeal both inside and groups. It alluded to the act of recycling and to consumers getting their deposit back, which was identified as a key communication for the scheme. Equally the tagline “bring it back, pay it forward” is active and won approval while it nicely connects back to our positioning, the act of recycling and the aspirational and environmental benefit.


The future is bright.

We wanted Re-turn’s visual identity to match the collective energy of producers, retailers and consumers and serve as an invigorating component for the brand. We developed a vibrant, upbeat colour palette, purposefully gravitating away from the stale, overused greens present in the sustainability arena. Instead, we wanted the colours to reflect the bright future ahead, imparting optimism, positivity, and inspiration. The palette is able to successfully create stand out and grab attention, helping to achieve Re-turn’s goal of spreading awareness.

With the next generation a key driver of sustainability efforts for many consumers, we wanted the brand to speak to parents and children alike, but also to the environmentally conscious young adults who will become future champions of schemes like deposit return. Dynamic photography of consumers with colorful drinks containers was incorporated into the brand for this reason and will act as a key marketing tool that can flex and grow going forward.


Striking a balance.

It was important that Re-turn feel friendly and approachable but also represent a respected leader, guiding with in depth knowledge. Typography, colour and layout became key aspects in striking this balance. Bespoke iconography also served as a way of simplifying complex information, making consumer facing communications more convenient, clear and straightforward.

The brand logo itself also needed to encompass a very clear symbol that could be easily recognised and understood by all, and importantly work at a small size on bottles and cans. Derived from the symbol, the triangular ‘active arrow’ graphic device serves a familiar but modernised environmental motif. The device provides flexibility and further cohesion and distinctiveness for the brand.

Let′s build a great brand together.