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Real World were looking to reposition themselves as partners in business intelligence by providing actionable insights and growth potential to retailers across all sectors of the high street, both in Ireland and the UK.

Real World is one of Ireland’s most innovative retail data solutions agency, specialising in the capture and analysis of retail data. Principle was asked to assist in identifying and articulating a new position and to design a new brand identity and experience. Working closely with the partners, the company name was changed from Real World Retail, to Real World Analytics, more correctly reflecting their offering.

Discovering data is one thing, translating it into actionable insights in another thing altogether.

This is at Real World’s heart – placing actionable insights into the right hands at the right time. In a workshop, we discussed the brand in-depth with the Real World team and discovered a shared mission throughout the room to go beyond data science and ultimately make customer’s lives more successful, empowering them to make better decisions.

The objective was to help Real World align this mission with an identity that would encapsulate their true purpose.

Their proposition appeals to a variety of retailers and we wanted the identity to reflect their dynamic, innovative and curious nature. By focusing on this trait, we designed a brand system that encompassed a broad visual and verbal identity, expressed across a suite of printed and online communication within the customer proposition – Ignite Potential.

Visual analytics as an industry intimates a myriad of graphic references for us to delve into, which we indulged for the visual identity.

The mark being reference to a world of analytics and the brand imagery making use of graphs and charts. Using copy to add personality and bring the brand to life in a playful way. Dark neutrals and almost flourescent colours complement each other furiously, reflecting the insights that are brought into focus.

Let′s build a great brand together.