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The output of the Shearflint workshop is one of quality precision and in steel crafted to exceed their customer’s expectations. Principle worked with them to create their new brand identity, capturing the essence of their workshop and reflecting their refined skill in metalwork and precision engineering.

Shearflint are a firm of metal workers and steel fabricators based in Wexford. They deliver a wide range of engineering requirements but also have a passion to create leading to a desire to collaborate with the architect looking to create beautiful bespoke installations.


Shearflint wanted to develop their reputation with architects and specifiers and drive it to the next level and so we focused on the company’s genuine passion for perfection.

We tried to communicate through the brand mark the precise nature of the work. We looked to denote a transformation of material though the cutline and create a mark that is contemporary, precise and representative of the message and essence of Shearflint.

To help us build out the brand we looked to photographer, Al Higgins, to capture the beauty in the craft and workmanship.

Let′s build a great brand together.