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There’s nothing quite like an anniversary to give pause, take stock and look back with pride on the road travelled.

So when Woodie’s asked us to help them celebrate their thirtieth year in business in 2018 we knew we were going to have a little fun. Woodie’s are constantly evolving and having re-branded them in 2014 we were really looking forward to get back into the centre of the brand again and celebrating it for their big anniversary.


Our brief was to create an anniversary mark and broader identity and address their ambitions of it for the year.

Woodie’s asked us could it; fit in with their brand, work from the very simple or expand to a wider campaign, be cognisant of their product categories, work across all media – traditional, digital, social, in-store, have longevity for the year, create excitement with their consumer and be engaging for their colleagues.

“The ‘Big 30’ does an amazing job at showcasing the wide range of product available at Woodie’s. You just have to stand back and admire each piece and how they all come together to make a stunning display made entirely of Woodie’s”.



Thirty years is a long time in retail and Woodie’s have been at the epicentre of Irish DIY, home and garden over those three decades.

We wanted that diversity and experience to come across in their anniversary mark. We took a little licence and ‘dipped’ the 30 mark into a range of product categories; paint, plants, garden, barbecue, etc. and coupled it with playful copy such as ‘Blooming for 30 years’, or ‘Mixing it up for 30 years’. These little splashes pop up across the whole store as well as outdoor advertising, press and inspirational magazines. With some new colour introductions we even brought a fresh look to their uniforms.


While all the brand identity assets were sure to encapsulate the brand in celebration and the excitement to boot, we wanted to go a step further and try to tell the story of what Woodie’s had built and created over thirty years, through their staff drive and inspiration. We came up with ‘The Big 30’ brand campaign, a totem to centre the year’s celebrations around.


We physically built a giant ‘30’ with Woodie’s to showcase their products and to make the thirty year brand come to life.

Well maybe not giant, but at over three metres tall it’s visible from anywhere in the store! The documentation of its design and construction and the Woodie’s staff participation in that process allowed us to tell the story of an Irish brand that has built a community of colleagues and customers that appreciate what it means to be experts in DIY and home improvement.


Having a great idea is one thing…

Executing that plan required the design and creative input from a number of collaborators on this project. Filmmakers Banjoman; set builders W Display; stylist Eleanor Harpur and photographers Gary Belcher and Trevor Hart were all commissioned to help us tell this story. The installation is currently residing in Woodie’s Blanchardstown store.