Principle | Brand & Design Agency | Dublin, Ireland


We were given the opportunity to work with Woodie’s and help create a future view for the brand, developing a new brand identity, supported by experiences both in-store and across all marketing collateral and brand touchpoints.

Woodie’s had been a staple of Irish retail for twenty five years and recognised that there was an opportunity to refresh the brand for a new generation as the Irish economy awoke from recession.

Woodie’s goal was to introduce a whole new experience of DIY to the Irish consumer and to create a extended DIY narrative into Home and Garden. The Woodie’s brand retained considerable brand recognition in the marketplace and we were careful to reimagine and enhance the identity without losing its connection to the Irish consumer.


Working closely with their marketing team, we introduced a new logo, colour palette, visual language, patterns, new typographic system, and developed a new instore concept based on these foundations. This worked not only to contemporise the stores but also to keep consistency across all the brand touchpoints.


Working closely with the Woodie’s 1,200 staff you quickly notice that there is a can-do culture that resonates from the boardroom to the tills. The brand values are felt in every staff engagement and from their enthusiasm for the Woodie’s Heroes project or their own 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2018.

The brand has now rolled out nationwide but the work goes on. We continue to work closely with Woodie’s marketing team, bringing the brand to life on the shelf, instore and with new campaigns and initiatives.

Let′s build a great brand together.