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ZAGG Brands were looking for help in creating an experience for their special partner events in EMEA and APAC and they were open to ideas.

A NASDAQ listed, US headquartered company, ZAGG specialise in products that facilitate modern mobile living. There are seven distinctive brands in the house and the partner events are designed to introduce leading communications retailers to what’s new and exciting in each one. Our challenge was to go on the journey as one of these retailers, get inside the experience, improve it and ensure it becomes a Special Partner Event.


Whereas each of the brands has its own identity and a story to tell, the event itself needed an overarching theme, a way of communicating on its own terms. We wanted to design an identity that would be independent of the brands and importantly have longevity and recognition for future events. The invite list is small and format is a relaxed journey around a world of ZAGG brands where the retailer gets to explore the latest product innovations and experience all products first hand – Explore + Experience.


The venues vary in size and so we designed a modular solution for both brand messaging and product display that would transport easily. Part of our solution is to map each journey so that all guests get to Explore + Experience the best of ZAGG in a relaxed ambient environment.

Let′s build a great brand together.