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Red Planet


Whereas it might be classified as an accelerator, Red Planet's future view is quite unique and therefore turns the traditional accelerator model on its head. By combining strategic thinking, idea generation and development with corporate/startup fit focussed on mutual success, Red Planet was created to ensure that things will happen. However, it's a story that they can tell better than us -

This has been an exciting project and we really got our teeth into it. Karl and Bernard at Red Planet wanted a studio to look at the project a little different and challenge them as they would their own clients. The resulting brand promises to be a destination rather than a workspace, a place where above all else they will be makers, not just conceivers. It's a challenging, fun and ultimately clever brand identity that captures their personality and proposition perfectly.

Red Planet says:

"Our company needed a brand identity to fit our ambition. We met with Principle and instantly liked the team and importantly we loved their process. Principle’s scientific approach to extracting a meaningful brief while understanding our company’s essence and purpose meant that our working relationship was structured and driven towards the ultimate goal of building an identity and brand that resonates with our customers. Principle delivered everything we asked for, and more."

Karl Aherne CEO
Red Planet