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Emotional Power.

Covid19 took us all by surprise. Nobody planned for it but the new situation does give you time to think and reflect. Like a lot of you, I’ve been distracting myself in the evenings with my favourite TV Shows. I’m currently watching reruns of Mad Men (worth a second watch btw). ‘The Wheel’ was the most recent episode, where Don translates Kodak’s new projector into something much more – a carousel of memories – I’m guessing itself a reflection of the Kodak Moment. Away from TV, understanding the emotional power of your brand and its connection to your customer is a valuable insight. That insight is often locked away. Finding it is essential for every smart brand.

Essential Essence.

In building a brand we create structures that are true to your brand’s unique essence. An unchecked brand can seem difficult to grasp, with shifting attributes, actions and intentions. All the nuggets are there waiting to be mined. To build a strategic focus, we delve deep in pursuit of understanding and insight. Ultimately, there’s always an ‘aha’ moment when your brand’s essence is revealed. It’s often a seminal moment. It’s where we pause, check our rationale because we know if we’ve got it, we’ve got the insight to advance quickly.

Whose line is it anyway?

Taglines can be passive or active, challenging or thought provoking. Ultimately, a good tagline reflects your essence, is an asset to your messaging and, importantly, becomes synonymous with your brand over time. Together with the broader visual identity it can represent the beating heart of any organisation. Try to look beyond a tagline that encapsulates core values towards a succinct few words that actively engages the customer, asks them a question or at least gives them pause for thought. With our client, SureSkills we translated the essence of being “Primed for proficient performance” into the active customer proposition of “Be Tomorrow Ready”. Not only has it become a visible brand expression, we made sure it was future proofed to scale in line with the business.

We’ve been lucky to work on brand projects where sound strategy, compelling visual identity, taglines and message frameworks have given our clients a fresh narrative and the ability to tell unique and engaging stories.

If you’re considering your next brand building move, whether that’s strategic focus or creative expression, we’re here to help.

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