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Woodie’s sponsorship award win: simply heroic.

At the end of one of the wettest November days, a couple of us donned our tuxes and joined the Woodie’s marketing team at the Irish Sponsorship Awards in the Burlington (or is it the Clayton?). A great night out could only be topped with a win…and win they did for Best Societal Sponsorship for their Woodie’s Heroes Campaign 2017 while also being shortlisted for the Sponsorship of the Year Award. Almost did the double…almost.

Heroes is a fantastic initiative by Woodie’s to raise funds for four children’s charities and this year they raised €270,000. In its third year, everyone in Woodie’s, both in HQ and nationwide, are enthusiastic and committed to it where new initiatives and fresh ideas are the watchwords. We love the opportunity to add to the mix.

Entering awards is a retrospective, giving us an opportunity to look back over the full extent of a campaign in one go. We had some great fun with Heroes this year – we played with the modern Memphis design trend. It’s a fresh twist on the rebellious and playful pop-art inspired work of the 80’s. We wanted the design to match the energy and vibrancy of the young charity ambassadors with vivid colours and free-spirited patterns. The look and feel had to be ‘Full of Beans’ and ‘Full of Life’ just like the children we were proudly fundraising for. Looking back over the project now, it’s a campaign that we’re really proud of.