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Could we have the bill, please

Soft Telecom have been successfully partnering with the telco clients to provide them with billing analytics and cost visibility for their enterprise clients. The team had developed their lead product, Enterprise Cost Analytics or ECA, over a number of years, working closely with Vodafone and perfecting it for use with their enterprise clients. Now they had evolved it to a level that it was more versatile, on-demand, quick to deploy and therefore accessible to a Telco’s complete client roster.

A combination of unique technological innovations as well as their own growing ambition led them to see the global market opportunities across the sector, and ultimately to get in touch with us here in Principle about helping them develop their brand.



Clarity for the road ahead

This was the first time the company had taken a high level view of their brand and along with their leadership team we wanted to develop a clear strategy to shine a light on the road ahead for the brand and its growth ambitions. Our challenge was to connect a straight line from a defined brand purpose through to an engaging customer proposition.


Finding the needle in the haystack

Knowing what problem you solve for your customer and the value it creates is the bedrock of any meaningful strategy and Soft Telecom had good insight – ‘churn’ is the enemy of the telco sales department. Why? because when their customers can’t make sense of their bill, they move on, they ‘churn’. This truth drives Soft Telecom’s business, provides focus and allows them to innovate and add value where their telco customers need it most.


Make billing make sense

We framed our solution behind a single minded customer proposition – Make Billing Make Sense. The message is simple, clear and unwavering in its directness. Equally, clarity and simplicity underwrote our approach to the visual identity.

We needed to design a mark that would connect both the corporate brand and the ECA product brand yet, create a simple device that would be visible across all sizes both on and off-screen. Creatively, we wanted the mark to communicate the strong meaning behind brand. Identifying, framing and presenting billing insight on-demand being at the core, we designed the mark to reflect this process, built with elements that would allow the meaning to extend into motion and other mediums.

As part of the wider visual identity we created a repository of supporting visual assets that will allow the brand to deliver a refreshed, yet consistent message on their website, their decks and across their social channels into the future.

Initially we thought we just needed a logo refresh and had approached Principle with a brief. It quickly became apparent this was only a part of a larger brand puzzle that we needed to consider. The Principle team took us through their brand workshop and discovery process to help us identify opportunities to re-align our corporate and product identities. They are an experienced and approachable brand partner and we’re very happy with the result. I have no hesitation in recommending Principle to other companies in a similar position.


Let′s build a great brand together.