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Graphic Design

What is graphic design? It is the glue that holds everything we do together. It is a term that is often misinterpreted, and often overused in the wrong context, but essentially it is a craft.

We have a passion for graphic design. Its not just about dishing out some corporate stationary or a restaurant menu, it is the means to an end which we use to interpret a brief. It is about organization and aesthetics, which are not mutually exclusive. Its about taking into consideration all the elements of the direction which the brief points us to. From the myriad of choices that confront us when we first take a pen to a blank piece of paper, we love bringing shapes, colour pallets, grids, typography, illustration, photography, and creative concepts together and bringing them to life.

The thickness of a line, the subtlety or brashness of a color, the unique personality of a typeface for instance are but a few of all the tiny decisions that our experience over the last twenty years has focused us on giving our clients the perfect solutions. Whether it is designing a new brand, a website, an ezine, a new suite of packaging, a proposal, an annual report or aligning a fresh new marketing campaign to existing brand guidelines, we relish the thought of bringing all the elements of at our disposal to create a cohesive and thoughtful solution for our clients.

Whatever we design works, and graphic design is one of the essential tools we use to deliver great solutions to our clients. So we celebrate graphic design and all who live in it!