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Literature Design

You could be forgiven for writing an obituary on printed literature but to be honest, there’s life in the old dog yet.

There is still something in the look and feel of a report, printed well on a high quality paper that eludes the digital world. Its tactility reintroduces the sense of touch to communications, a little something that an interactive brochure simply cannot replicate.

Of course, there is ongoing need for printed marketing collateral but overall, investing in design for printed literature should be considered an opportunity to create something ‘special’. A well designed and printed brochure, annual report or prospectus can still set the right tone with a prospective customer or investor.

  • Corporate Brochureware
  • Presentation Packs
  • Promotional Ephemera
  • Annual Reports
  • Strategy Statements
  • Environmental Reports
  • Prospectus