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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (PPC)

We build and implement a Google Adwords programme, designed to get you to the top, subject to budget, almost instantly.

All the considerations mentioned in the previous Search Engine Optimisation page are still relevant to an Adwords Campaign, albeit not to the same degree. The reason and the main point of difference is that it costs per click which can push your advert to the top, or close to it, even if your organic SEO is not quite getting you there.

To develop your Adwords campaign, there needs to be a campaign plan comprising a review of your website, calls-to-action for the campaign, key search terms and of course, budget. We conduct keyword research to establish how your market seeks out your product or service, how competitive the market is and what budget you should expect to place with Google.

We design your Adwords campaign to target your market, with the products you want to offer at the time and place most suitable and not waste a cent on fruitless clicks.

To measure effectiveness, we can show you how to analyse your traffic data and streamline the sales or conversion process for the future through Google Analytics.