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Digital Design

Website Design

To design a website for a positive user experience is to strike a balance between the physical journey that the user makes and the aesthetic experience that they will enjoy. It’s critical to web success. We’ll have much information collated from our strategic and planning processes but in particular for this stage we look at the site through the user eyes. Who are they? What are their objectives? Are they teenagers of thirty-something, on mobile, tablet or desktop?

To begin, we will design intelligent architectures and explore user journeys through wireframe modeling. This way, we see the best solutions to facilitate unencumbered travel through the site so that your users reach their goal.

To enhance that journey further we design a visual experience that tells the brand story with user relevance and interest. That’s the big picture but the devil is in the detail. There are numerous other design considerations residing in the smaller details of individual graphic elements. It’s the culmination of all these elements that create the overall experience.

  • Wireframing / User Experience
  • User Interface / graphic Design
  • Button and navigation iconography
  • Colour palettes
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Typography