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Creating a new brand or transforming a tired one can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make, requiring time, strategic thought, advocacy, creativity and an enduring belief in its value. But when it’s done correctly, it will pay dividends.

What is your brand?

Almost everything in business is tangible or at least quantifiable but the value in your brand is something that can be difficult to measure or get to grips with, yet it is very potent. Your brand is not your logo. It’s an association triggered, a gut feeling or an idea that your customer has about you. A strong brand will percolate its idea through its identity and messaging so that it creeps into the consciousness like a Trojan horse.

For this percolation to take place, your brand needs to define its true essence and communicate in a style and a behavioural manner that is unique and authentic. It should have a set of distinct characteristics with its own values, vision and personality to let the customer see who you are, why you’re here and most importantly, why they should care.

More than a logo

Simply put though, your brand is more than its logo. It’s a system of identifying elements, unique to it – a logo, a graphic style, a visual and verbal language. It’s a powerful tool and yours alone and when it’s nurtured can be the most valuable asset on a balance sheet.


We focus on helping you find your unique brand essence. With that, we can design an identity system that says more about what it is that makes your brand special and unique. We have created a lot of identities in 20 years and have captured that brand development experience in a single process – BrandEngine. The BrandEngine process is designed to bring optimum results to all brands, big and small, consumer or corporate. It addresses three stages of the brand creation process.

  • Identify and create alignment around your brand’s strategic focus
  • Design a visual and verbal brand identity
  • Percolate the brand identity through all touchpoints, promoting advocacy and understanding.

We can help you examine key brand success factors to give it focus and ensure the creative process is informed and the overall brand identity on target.

Your logo is a shortcut to the brand experience, guiding the customer through the noise of competing brands to your space on the shelf.

We love engaging in the naming process. It allows us to turn off the visual for a while and crank up the oral and aural.

Your brand is communicated as much by what it says as how it looks. From website content, advertising message to taglines, your brand is speaking continuously.

Think of it like this. If your logo was a planet, the sun would be your vision and your verbal and visual language would represent the other planets of this solar system.

Before you present the brand to the world outside, everyone inside needs to see the vision as you have seen it.