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Brand Naming

We love engaging in the naming process. It allows us to turn off the visual for a while and crank up the oral and aural. We think about the brand personality and what it might say if it could speak for itself. Sometimes our namestorming sessions throw up tongue-twisting nonsense and other times it’s a matter simply saying the word, but its always fun.

When you think about it, your brand is used as often in an oral sense as it is experienced visually. Therefore, the name has to stick and create that connection without the need for visual cues. It’s got to say something about itself as it’s in use all of the time – “Our new brand is called Pure”, “Pick me up a bar of Dairy Milk; “This is John from Numum”.

We create names that are specific, ambiguous, formal, emotional, suggestive, descriptive and even nonsensical, but when used in context, our names will make absolute sense for your brand.

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