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Logo and Brand Mark Design

Your logo is a shortcut to the brand experience, guiding the customer through the noise of competing brands to your space on the shelf. To a loyal customer it’s a filter but for a new customer, it needs to inspire. So at the very least your logo must be memorable, yet ideally denoting the value and personality that your brand promises.

As the world moves from print and static media to a digital world, some logos more so than others, need to be seen in new dimensions for digital delivery with transient qualities that make it adaptable to the speed of change and that’s a design consideration we address.

More importantly though, we design logos specifically for the brands they represent and for the customers they influence in the environment in which they communicate with them. Our designers will capture the brand’s essence to create memorable brand marques and symbols. They can also design a typographic logo, using personalised fonts and clever graphic treatment to create an individual identifier for your brand.

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