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Brand Development

Brand Strategic Focus

Most successful brands display a clear strategic focus and distinctive character in their identity. You might say that a brand with a plan beats a logo on the fly. Principle can help you examine key brand success factors to give it focus and ensure the creative process is informed and the overall brand identity on target.

Brand Focus

To bring a brand to life we look to understand the conditions in which it exists and defining the right brief is key. By tapping into customer feelings and staff opinions, we will get a broad sense of the temperature on the ground. To gain executive insight only, we conduct workshops specifically with directors, partners or key personnel. These workshops are designed to bring alignment to your vision, uncover your values and explore customer motivations to build insightful personas. These are informal processes where we will also analyse the competitive environment and try to identify some clear, or at least non-congested, space from which to pitch a compelling brand message.

Brand Essence

To create an emotional connection, your brand needs to reflect its distinct essence. We will help you discover your brand essence and identify everything else that makes it unique and special to your customer. In discovering your brand vision, values and personality coupled with a tactical knowledge of the market, we can create a brand identity with strategic focus and purpose.

  • Brand Exploration Workshops
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Values
  • Customer Surveys
  • Staff Opinions
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Persona Building
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Messaging
  • Tagline