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Brand Verbal Identity

Your brand is communicated as much by what it says as how it looks. From website content, advertising message to taglines, your brand is speaking continuously. It needs to say the right things, in the right way at the right time.

In addition and in an age of social media, brand owners are presented with so many new opportunities to speak and write about their brands. In particular, the use for written content has been expanded by the use of blogs, websites and social media. The desire to be active on these channels often means that staff, quite unused to the role, find themselves responsible for submitting content.

To steer these actions, your brand needs to define its use of language and the tone of voice in which it’s delivered. Influenced by your brand’s personality, our copywriters can help you create a body of keywords and phrases that help ensure on-brand communications in customer facing situations, writing press releases, updating website content, blogging or simply tweeting.

  • Brand Language
  • Top Line Messaging
  • Key Phrases
  • Tone of Voice